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By Michael D. Shear and Thomas Kaplan

WASHINGTON — A political war over replacingJustice Anthony M. Kennedy roared to life on Thursday in Washington, the start of an election-season clash over a Supreme Court retirement that will reshape the country’s judicial future.

Hours after Justice Kennedy’s announcement on Wednesday that SILVER TREASURES Sterling Silver Love Knot Pendant Necklace uTZuctOr
, conservative organizations were mobilizing to support the Republican-controlled Senate in a quick confirmation of a justice who would be expected to vote against the court’s liberal precedents. One group, the Judicial Crisis Network, has already started a $1 million ad campaign urging people to support the president’s choice.

Democrats and liberal advocacy organizations face enormous challenges if they hope to prevent President Trump and the Republicans from installing a conservative justice who would shift the ideological balance of the court forgenerations . Mr. Trump has promised to pick from a list of highly conservative jurists , and Republicans control the Senate, which can confirm the president’s choice by a simple majority.

Mr. Trump began wooing senators late Thursday night, meeting at the White House separately with three Republicans and with the three Democrats — Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin III of West Virginia — who broke party ranks last year and voted to confirm Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, the president’s first Supreme Court pick.


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Destructive plate boundaries are regions where two lithospheric plates converge. This situation provides a more varied range of tectonic settings than do constructive plate boundaries. Firstly, and in contrast to constructive plate boundaries, destructive plate boundaries are asymmetrical with regard to plate speeds, age and large-scale structures. Secondly, whereas true constructive boundaries occur almost invariably in oceanic lithosphere, destructive boundaries also affect continental lithosphere - they can occur entirely within continental lithosphere. Consequently, there are three possible types of destructive plate boundary:

These can be thought of as representing three stages in the evolution of destructive boundaries.

In addition to the disappearance of old lithosphere, destructive boundaries associated with ocean-ocean subduction and ocean-continent subduction are also characterised by:

those involving the convergence of two oceanic plates (ocean-ocean subduction)

those where an oceanic plate converges with a continental plate (ocean-continent subduction)

collisions between two continental plates (continent-continent destructive boundaries).

ocean trenches, generally 5-8 km deep, but sometimes up to 11 km deep. The sea floor slopes into the trenches from both the landward and oceanward sides. They are continuous for many hundreds of kilometres, occurring both adjacent to continents and wholly within oceans;

a belt of earthquakes that are shallow-centred closest to the trench and deeper further away. Earthquakes can occur as deep as 600-700 km;

most destructive boundaries are associated with a belt of active volcanoes that, in the case of intra-oceanic boundaries, form chains of islands known as .

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Next 3.5 Destructive plate boundaries, continued: ocean-ocean (island-arc) subduction

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This free course includes adapted extracts from an Open University course which is no longer available to new students. If you found this interesting you could explore more free Geology courses or Gloria Vanderbilt GoldTone Crystal Mesh Chain Necklace wUC9wl


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Hicks belted a two-run shot in the first inning and Higashioka hit a solo drive in the second inning off Atlanta starter Sean Newcomb , who lasted just 2 2/3 innings as his control evaporated. New York scored twice without a hit in the third inning, working five walks, including bases-loaded free passes to Brandon Drury and Higashioka.

Versace Red and Gold Logo Keychain rF14yVa

A run-scoring wild pitch by Luke Jackson in the fourth allowed Brett Gardner to race home with what seemed to give the Yankees a comfortable six-run cushion, but the Braves swung back against starter Domingo German , who permitted three runs and six hits over 4 1/3 innings.

Bold Elements Womens 14 Piece Bangle Bracelet Set HVeBdXJdG

"We're obviously capable of those nights where we have a big night and can run away from a team, but we've seen time and time again that we can scratch and claw our way," Boone said. "I think the one thing about this club that they've shown through the first 80-plus games is that we've shown an ability to win games in a lot of different ways."

Ender Inciarte and Ozzie Albies homered on consecutive pitches in the fifth, with Inciarte lifting a two-run shot, and German was out of the game two batters later. Appearing in his first big league game since June 19, A.J. Cole extinguished the blaze, striking out three around a walk and an infield hit.

"I like to show my team that I can be there for them, at any time," Cole said. "I love those situations."

Video: ATL@NYY: Cole escapes bases-loaded jam with a K

Nick Markakis drew the Braves within a run in the seventh, mashing a two-run homer off Adam Warren that struck the top of the right-field wall and bounced into the seats. Stanton Natasha Accessories Natasha Accessories Bijoux Bar Womens Collar Necklace Fx9mggYBPX
as he pursued Markakis' drive, prompting a visit from an athletic trainer, who asked Stanton the inning, the number of outs and the day of the week.

"I didn't know any of them," Stanton said, with a laugh.

Video: ATL@NYY: Markakis belts a 2-run homer to right in 7th

Chasen Shreve entered and recorded two key outs in the eighth before Stanton launched a two-run shot to right field off Evan Phillips in the home half of the frame. Pitching for a third consecutive game, Aroldis Chapman retired the side in the ninth for his 24th save.

"I think we're just driven. We want to win," Shreve said. "We don't ever give up. That's kind of hard to find, honestly, with these types of games. I think we're never going to give up. We want to be back where we were last year, and even further."

I notice that too. After years of trading a ridiculous commute, for less home space, at least twice a week, I find myself spontaneously being thrilled at my 9 minute commute home.

I wonder if that’s because it’s meaningful happiness, hitting the freedom button rather than a short lived consumption button.

uberartist April 10, 2018, 6:24 pm

I really like this idea. And it reminds me.. if something goes wrong or breaks, it can be like camping…. or especially backpacking. You cant possibly worry too much about stuff when the amount you have is a little bit limited.

I have been experimenting with turning nervousness into excitement and cold shower s into very refreshing on a hot day (and I live in a hot climate). I need to find more experiments.

AlDC April 11, 2018, 10:42 am

Stoicism, yo.

Look for his post about it, one of my all time faves.

Jenny Wren April 11, 2018, 12:53 pm

Congratulations, you have rediscovered stoicism. Classical stoics used to put themselves though period of self-imposed deprivation – fasting or sleeping on the ground or not wrapping up when it’s cold. By doing so, they could reassure themselves that they were capable of living without life’s little comforts and also be in a better position to appreciate what they had when they stopped depriving themselves. Win-win.

Lauren April 11, 2018, 3:18 pm

^^ This is stoicism, and it’s awesome.

MMM’s take:

Tim Ferriss’s Take:

Snoopgroggygrog April 10, 2018, 12:47 pm

I’ve this week upgraded my journey to work – cycling all the way. My other options are driving (stress, cost, I hate commuting by car), cycling to the train station, then a short train journey (this feels like luxury right now! a minor cost).

It’s a 10 mile ride there and back (so 20 miles overall), so lots of potential benefits in terms of health, but longer and more organisation required for clothing, showers etc.

In the future my bike will certainly wear out – it’s 20 years old already – so I look forward to the benefit of a lighter quicker ride, but with the cost of course associated with that. Any bike costs are far outweighed by savings from not driving or catching a train.

Hope this is useful!

P Burgos April 11, 2018, 9:26 am

You might want to look into adding pedal assist for your commute. I know that it would lessen the health benefits of the ride, but it might make it a bit less sweaty and more pleasant overall (and hence more sustainable long term).

Wade April 17, 2018, 2:40 pm

Figure Skating

Learn to Skate



Louisville Skating Academy is a not for profit, 501(c)(3) figure skating club and a member of U.S. Figure Skating ( USFS ).
Louisville Skating Academy skates at Iceland Sports Complex , 1701 UPS Drive, Louisville, KY.
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